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The CEO of You™ program focuses on the career and leadership demands of professional women. As a result, participants will have comparable experiences, challenges and concerns. Furthermore, mentors are exclusively executives whose suggestions and feedback are based on their real-world experiences.

Women’s Leadership and Mentoring Program

Valued at $1,500 per participant, Cullum Business Solutions, (CBS) LLC is offering the NEW CEO of You™ women’s leadership and mentoring program for a special introductory price of $1,000.




The professional work environment is a microcosm of America and its history of institutional sexism and racism that has impacted women, especially women of color. At work, women, especially women of color, respond to messages that they are inadequate and cannot achieve certain advancements by cannibalizing their health, relationships, values and sometimes careers (by taking the off ramp).


CEO of You™ assists women, especially women of color, to advance through a holistic approach to career and leadership development that integrates career, health, values and relationships in a supportive environment that focuses on the challenges of women allowing for greater authenticity among participants.  



The lived experiences of women create a need for establishing organizational benefactors or sponsors and increasing the capabilities and confidence of women, especially women of color to support their professional advancement. CEO of You™ provides: 

  • One-on-one mentoring with a senior executive whose suggestions and feedback are instrumental in providing assistance in achieving leadership positions and career advancement 

  • Opportunities for women to gain better awareness of their personalities and perceived strengths and challenges while gaining clarity and influence over how others perceive their personal brand 



The lived experiences, activism, and scholarship of women, especially women of color, is differentiated by the need to design coping strategies that leverage Womanist thinking to resist internalizing experiences of prejudice and attributing them to personal failings. The CEO of You™ provides: 

  • A personalized and actionable Life PlanTM   that reveals opportunities to build resilience by evaluating and prioritizing health and well-being   

  • Participation in activities to connect energy management to leader effectiveness and explore how managing energy, fitness and health are related to effective career advancement and leadership 



The lived experiences of women, especially women of color, is differentiated by their preference for the support and personal networking of kinship network systems (family and friends) when faced with work and relationship priorities. CEO of You™ provides:


  • Peer group coaching opportunities for women to build and enhance their professional and social networks 

  • Opportunities for women to gain critical perspectives to better manage complex relationships and relationship dynamics 



The lived experiences of women, especially women of color, requires them to find ways to live their values by being authentic to their professional and personal selves resulting in feelings of organizational commitment, fairness, empowerment, and job satisfaction.   CEO of You™ provides: 

  • A clear understanding of a woman's values, purpose and stories 

  • Opportunities to engage authentically and enroll others in their vision 




Attend the CEO of You™ program to advance and accelerate your ability to:

  • Be resilient by evaluating and prioritizing your health and well-being

  • Build executive presence through storytelling, values-driven leadership, and cultural intelligence

  • Embrace a growth mindset and dramatically expand your perceptions

  • Enable others to move toward ownership and accountability

  • Engage authentically and enroll others in your vision

  • Foster and navigate complex relationships

  • Gain clarity and influence how others perceive your brand

  • Leverage adaptability and learning agility to succeed in a world of flux

  • Maximize impact in your organization and community going forward



comes from Within YOU!


CEO of You™ Components:

  • Monthly 2-hour virtual experiential learning experience customized for each cohort to better fit with changing key issues and trends

  • Monthly one-on-one mentoring call with a senior executive

  • Monthly peer group virtual coaching session

  • Personalized and actionable Life Plan

  • WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ 4.0

Additional Assessments: (Customize your program by adding additional assessments)

  • WorkPlace Big Five Values Profile™

  • WorkPlace Big Five Profiler™ 4.0

  • Career Guider Report 

  • Life Plan

  • Ongoing support through exclusive virtual networking opportunities

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