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CEO of You® Masterclass

Feeling stuck? Facing challenges at work? Struggling to find that elusive work-life balance? Lacking a true sense of fulfillment at home and at work?

If this resonates with you, then you'll want to watch the recordings of my most recent CEO of You® Masterclass.

Day 1 

Conquer self-acceptance and unlock confidence by unleashing your breakthrough way of being.

The presentation focuses on the importance of intentional thinking, self-acceptance, and self-awareness. Dr. Princess Cullum introduces herself, as the host of this week's masterclass, and expresses her passion for empowering women, particularly women of color, who are set to become the majority of women in the United States by 2060.

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Day 2

The steps to increase your strategic visibility AND the real benefits of this.

In this session, Dr. Princess Cullum delves into the crucial concept of personal agency and its profound impact on career trajectories. Stressing the significance of taking ownership of one's thoughts, actions, and leadership, she explores strategies for bolstering strategic visibility in the workplace, dispelling limiting beliefs, and embracing self-promotion.

Day 3

Manage the conditions waiting for you in the system is key to accelerating your career.

In this session, Dr. Princess Cullum delves into key topics surrounding workplace success, highlighting the critical role of self-awareness and mindfulness in effective leadership. She introduces the concept of the organizational system, shedding light on the informal structures and processes that govern how organizations operate.

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Day 4

Featuring Guest Expert Tiffany Fox

Make a conscious decision to live your life according to values while leading with a deepened sense of self.

During her presentation, Dr. Princess Cullum delves into the pivotal aspects of defining one's priorities, values, and purpose. Attendees actively share their personal journeys and insights, fostering a profound discussion on living a value-driven life, as opposed to a 'default life', where individuals passively navigate existence without steering their own course.

Day 5

Solve the puzze to reveal an improved connection between your health and your career.

During the final presentation, participants discussed the importance of self-care, the balance between different aspects of life, and the role of women as health advocates. Dr. Princess Cullum then wraps up the call by unveiling exciting news about The CEO of You® Academy.

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The CEO of You® Academy

This virtual instructor-led program is designed for high-performing women with at least 15 years of professional experience. The 4-month program helps women, especially women of color, advance through a holistic approach to career and leadership development.


The program integrates career, health, values and relationships in a supportive environment that focuses on the challenges of women, allowing for greater authenticity among participants.

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