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What’s Next for High-Performing Women Leaders?

During these times of uncertainty, women’s leadership needs to be intentional.

According to McKinsey Quarterly Diversity Still Matters (May 2020), there is evidence that women leaders outperform their male counterparts in several measures both in times of economic prosperity and decline.

For example, in the 2008-09 global financial crisis, banks with a higher share of women on their boards were more stable than their peers. And, we are seeing right now that cities and countries with women leaders are thought to be facing the COVID -19 pandemic more successfully than those without them.


Some researchers conclude that it may be that women’s leadership has a trust advantage giving women the edge in certain situations.

Want to learn more about the next steps we can take to further the development of all women leaders?

Click here to view a 30-minute Live with Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) session where I unpack the next steps for high-performing women.

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