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Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Career advancement for women is significantly different than that of men. The white female experience in the workplace has been depicted as a standard of the female experience in professional settings.

Women of color (WOC) do not share these experiences in the same way as white women. WOC perceive more obstacles to and receive less assistance with their professional advancement in organizations. Widely different life experiences and treatment by society at-large has resulted in the development of separate cultures with different value systems along with differences in perceptions of treatment, and responses to discrimination.

Although there are two very different experiences in organizations and pathways for white women and WOC, this is not to say that the path toward professional success has been easy for white females. White women are more likely to have experienced some form of sexual discrimination in their lives. Meanwhile, WOC are more likely to have experienced financial hardship, the death of a spouse, developmental hardship, and racial discrimination.

The lived experiences of women create a need for establishing organizational benefactors or sponsors and increasing the capabilities and confidence of women, especially WOC to support their professional advancement. CEO of YouTM provides:

  • One-on-one mentoring with a senior executive whose suggestions and feedback are instrumental in providing assistance in achieving leadership positions and career advancement

  • Opportunities for women to gain better awareness of their personalities and perceived strengths and challenges while gaining clarity and influence over how others perceive their personal brand

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