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What You Do Matters

“Take heart, see light like fire pour through. You are more than the sum of what happened to you.” Morgan Harper Nichols

I truly use to believe that I was the sum of my experiences…in my world that amounted to my resume. For years, I took great pride in my accomplishments. Then something happened that changed the trajectory of my life.

My mom’s cancer was back but this time with a vengeance. It started as a spot outside of her lungs and quickly spread to her bones and her lymph nodes. She passed less than six months after I moved back to Omaha to take care of her. Taking care of my extremely ill mother was the best and the worst thing I had ever done. But, I knew that what I did or didn’t do mattered.

It wasn’t simply the actions that I took but the depth of feelings from which the actions were derived. Never before had I felt and believed that my being was truly making a difference in the life of another person. It mattered! And, I’m not alone.

According to a 2018 study published by Lexington Law, nearly 60% of Americans would take a job they love over a job they hate, even if the preferred position paid half the amount of salary they would earn at the job they dislike.

Perhaps you have experienced your own “aha moment” or realization that you may want to change careers. In this #MatchMonday clip, Jan Cook, Attorney, Leadership Coach and Mentor gives us her insight on changing careers.

According to research, a person with a mentor is more confident, self-aware and often more of a risk taker. By absorbing advice from leaders who have been successful in a field you want to jump into, you can gain awareness of the steps it will take to make the jump a reality.

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