CEO of You™ Women’s Leadership and Mentoring Program Application


Women’s Leadership and Mentoring Program
Client Interest Summary

Program Description

At the CEO of You™, we’ll partner with your organization to provide best practices in equity, diversity and inclusion. Our national network of top women in leadership and professional development, will help your organization advance and accelerate the careers and business goals of women, especially women of color (WOC).

The CEO of You™ Program is critical for WOC because their lived experience is differentiated along four important dimensions:  

  • Leveraging social networks for career advancement 

  • Establishing organizational benefactors or sponsors to support WOC professional advancement  

  • Valuing Communal Support Systems or ‘Kinship Network Systems’ to manage work and life priorities   

  • Providing coping strategies designed to build awareness of intersectionality and to resist internalizing experiences of sexism and racism and attributing them to personal failings

The CEO of You™ is a 6-month virtual instructor-led program designed for high-performing women with at least 15 years of professional experience. The program integrates career, health, values and relationships in a supportive environment that focuses on the challenges of women, allowing for greater authenticity among participants.


Program Investment
Your organization has two options:

  • Send one or more women to the CEO of You™ Program: $2,000 per participant

  • Offer an in-house CEO of YouTM Program: $42,500 for up to 25 participants