The CEO of YOU book by Marsha Petrie Sue

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The CEO of YOU motivational book by Marsha Petrie Sue



The CEO of YOU is Designed to Give You Chapter by Chapter

Advice on Optimizing YOU, The Chief Energizing Officer!


You are the company

My speaking career began with a public seminar company presenting workshops to thousands of people around the world. During the breaks people would approach me with questions and comments. In retrospect, I truly donít think people know what they wanted to ask.

"My boss/client/group would never let me try that."

Have you already tried it? Did you loose a job or client by using the tool? How do you know it wonít work?

"I want things to be better."

Better than what? Better how and for whom? By when? Whatís your plan?

"I want my life to be more in control."

Control of what? Why? If you were in control then what? Do you control anything now?

"I want people to respect me."

What does respect mean to you? Why is respect important to you? What will it give you that you donít have now?

Keep an open mind when as you read this book. Think about what will work vs. what wonít work. Successful people never stop learning and challenging themselves. I guarantee this book will give you tools to move to the next level.


Inside Marsha's book, The CEO of YOU, resides a visionary leader. Allow my friend Marsha's book to awaken your inner super-star-CEO. You'll love this book!

-Mark Victor Hansen, Author- Chicken Soup for the Soul series


But, the CEO of Y-O-U?

If you think this is a weird way to take charge of your life, answer these questions-

  • Who is responsible for your learning?

  • Who is responsible for your own development and the research to get you where you want to be?

  • Who should decide what you want out of life?

  • Who should determine what people say about you after you are gone?

  • Who should be able to tell others what your talents are and what job you want to strive toward next?

  • Who should determine the value of you as a human resource?

  • Who should sell your talents and capabilities to others?

  • Who is responsible for the promotion of you-your public relations?

Would you rather abdicate these responsibilities to someone else? No? It is time then to do four things;

  1. ORDER the book

  2. READ the book!

  3. GIVE yourself a promotion!



This is a wonderful book, full of practical ideas to help you take charge of your life and your career, and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

-Brian Tracy, Author- Psychology of Achievement


It's time to take control of the "corporation" that is you. You'll have the tools you need to As the CEO- The Chief Energizing Officer, you must take responsibility for overseeing the departments above and more! This does not mean you do them all yourself, but that you do enlist the services of professionals to guide you.



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